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Looking for a Publisher?

Do you have a story to tell?
Have you written your family history, www.imitationraybanuk.com or a fascinating historical story to do with your region? Are you wondering where to go, what to do now?

Heritage Press Ltd specialises in publishing New Zealand books of historical interest. We look at family, region and corporate histories. We also look at other non-fiction books.

A good book, professionally edited, designed and printed, will always find a home on the shelves of libraries and book stores and will become an item sought by collectors.

A good book - your book - will also be kept and treasured by your descendants.

Tell us about your book. We might be able to help you.

New authors with books that fit our publishing plan are encouraged to contact us. The suggested first contact is a brief description of your project, the expected finished size of your book (number of pages, number of photographs, size of book) and whether you have any specific date by which the project needs to be completed (eg: family reunion). Every contact will receive a response.

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