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Family Histories

Shaw The history of your family, your ancestors and their achievements are an important part of your own background - but also of New Zealand's history as a whole.

Early struggles in pioneer days, wartime experiences, life on the farm, on the sea, in business, at home, all these are important.

Publishing a family history needs specialist care and professional attention, but it does not have to be a costly undertaking.

Consult us first.


Pudney Do not allow your experiences to disappear with you!

Your descendants, your colleagues, and the society of tomorrow will find your account of your life valuable and interesting. We can assist with this work and give it that professional look, whether you want a modest private edition or a full printed edition in either hardbound or limp covers.

Road to the West Coast


The life of a relative, of someone you have known or studied, or of a local personality, can be published by us, even though it might not attract major commercial publishers.

We can assist you at every stage, from the first draft to the final version, providing advice and help in the marketing of the finished book.

Company Histories

Ellersli Church Good Companions Heritage Press Ltd has worked closely with writers of company and club histories, and helped them to produce a quality history of the company or group they were commissioned or volunteered to write.

Local Histories

Road to the West Coast Researching and publishing a local history makes an important contribution to the preservation and understanding of New Zealand's past.

Heritage Press Ltd has a fine record in this area. It has helped publish many local histories, and with its specialist and expert knowledge, it has ensured that the finished work has that professional look that makes all the difference.


Family, club or school reunions are important events that bring together relatives and friends, and enable the overall history to be reconstructed and preserved for the future. The assistance of all who gathered together or were contacted is readily available, www.imitationraybanuk.com and most will want a copy of the book as a lasting souvenir.



Much has been written about Captain Cook and his discovery of New Zealand, but he was not the only one to discover this beautiful land of ours. Others also laid claim to at least parts of Aotearoa. Pacific History

General History

Some New Zealand social history is difficult to classify, but it is no less important. If you have written a history book that does not fit into any of the above classifications don't worry, we'll still look at it.


Other ‘history’ books are more difficult to categorise, but are still a part of New Zealand’s social history.

Slices from New Zealand IWW Cookbook

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